Door Nobs and Knockers Novelty Door Hangers -  - [price]
  • Door Nobs and Knockers Novelty Door Hangers -  - [price]
  • Door Nobs and Knockers Novelty Door Hangers -  - [price]

Door Nobs or Door Knockers | Novelty Door Hangers

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Novelty Door Hangers

Five double sided novelty door hangers to let the world know how you're feeling!

Perfect gifts for friends, lovers, co-workers and anyone with a sense of humour.

Door Nobs include:

  • Be Gentle With Me...And my 10 inch Penis!
  • The Love Doctor is in.....Do you have an appointment.
  • Do Not Open Door, My Willy Is Trapped In The Keyhole
  • Sex machine, Just Turn Me On And I'll Go For Hours
  • I Boldly Go, Where Not Many Have Gone Before
  • The Love Shack, It's Where The Magic Happens...
  • Sex Therapist Inside, First Session Free
  • Alpha Male, Fancy A Ruck?
  • Come Back Later, I'm Looking At Porn
  • Give Me Five Minutes, Your Mum Needs To Get Her Clothes Back On

Door Knockers include:

  • High Maintenance, but Totally Worth it!
  • Hung Over Please Be Gentle With Me
  • Bad Hair Day, Not Accepting Visitors
  • Go Away, Unless you are sorry and have flowers!
  • Position Available, Spoon or Missionary Acceptable
  • P*ss Off, Unless You Have Vodka or Chocolate
  • On A Diet, Unless That's An Eclair In Your Pocket
  • Mistress Is in, Kneel Before Me Slave!
  • Keep Out! It's The Time Of The Month
  • Princess Inside, Enter and Curtsey

Size - Approx 26cm x 14cm (Widest point)

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